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Are you tired of having the kids either playing video games or being bored throughout the day? If so than these toys and games are perfect for you and the child you are caring for. The games provide a stimulating experience that will keep your child engaged. These toys and games are a effective way to distract your children so that you can accomplish what ever it is that you need to get done. Parents, babysitters, and anyone else who may be caring for children will absolutely love these toys and games almost as much as the kids will.

Catapult Dunk Shooting Line Up Game

Wholesale Catapult Dunk Shooting Line Up Game Price: $9.13

Great for hours of action-packed playing, this Catapult Dunk Shooting Line Up...

Leap Frog Jumping Game

Wholesale Leap Frog Jumping Game Price: $29.38

Great fun for children and adults, this Leap Frog Jumping Game challenges players...

Cell Phone Water Game

Wholesale Cell Phone Water Game Price: $18.81

Great for playing anywhere, this Cell Phone Water Game is in the fun shape of a...

Magnetic Fishing Game

Wholesale Magnetic Fishing Game Price: $21.69

Great for hours of fun, this Magnetic Fishing Game features a mini fishing pole...

Computer Water Game

Wholesale Computer Water Game Price: $21.69

Water games have a fun computer design and provide hours of fun for children....

Travel Labyrinth Game

Wholesale Travel Labyrinth Game Price: $23.67

Test your coordination with this pocket size Travel Labyrinth Game featuring a...

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