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Keep yourself cool! Does it get hot in your basement in the summer or in your garage? You will want to make sure you have a fan available and nearby you at all times. Floor fans are great, because you can set them on your floor and point them in the direction you desire. They are small enough that they don't take up a ton of space, but big enough that they keep you cool. Stop your useless sweating and stay at comfortable temperature with these fans. You can use them in place of installing an air conditioner, or even in addition to an air conditioner if that room at the back of your house just isn't getting cooled by your air conditioner. Enjoy summer feeling cool and happy!

Battery Operated Snail USB Fan

Wholesale Battery Operated Snail USB Fan Price: $17.90

Great for kids, this cute 2.5 Watt Battery Operated Snail USB Fan has soft and...

Silent USB Mini Fan

Wholesale Silent USB Mini Fan Price: $18.70

Cool off while working at your computer with this 2.5 Watt USB operated mini fan...

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