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Electronic components that will save you both time and hassle. Various types of adapters, covers, jacks and outlets that can convert your existing plugs, or serve as a high quality replacement for your home. You can never have too many of these adapters and jacks lying around your house. Think of the many times you have to plug something in and it has 3 prongs, but your outlets only have 2? By keeping a spare set of these components in your house, you will inevitably save yourself the hassle of either bending your ground plug or ruining your electronic outlets!

5 Device Universal Remote Control

Wholesale 5 Device Universal Remote Control Price: $18.70

Easily control 5 devices with this Universal Remote Control featuring a slim,...

Light Bulb Converter With Switch

Wholesale Light Bulb Converter With Switch Price: $23.61

Convert light bulbs into power sources with this convenient Light Bulb Converter...

Grounding Plug-in Outlet Adapters

Wholesale Grounding Plug-in Outlet Adapters Price: $21.69

Ideal for home or office use, this 3-piece Grounding Plug-in Outlet Adapters Set...

Philips Jack Cover

Wholesale Philips Jack Cover Price: $7.99

Keep jacks covered neatly with this jack cover. Ideal for surface mount jacks,...

Jensen Duplex Jack

Wholesale Jensen Duplex Jack Price: $13.04

Make any single jack a duplex jack with this simple convertor. Simply connect the...

Philips Modular Outlet

Wholesale Philips Modular Outlet Price: $7.03

This modular outlet allows 6 conductors to support up to 3 separate lines. It...

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